16 October 2010

about Free Tibet Trend..

Free Tibet.. Free Tibet..

Always and everywhere in the West (and especially in US) people speak about Free Tibet and about the tyranny of communist China.. People scream, people shout, people act so humane and so compassionate.. People run blogs, speaking about the truth in Tibet; people write articles; people do this; people do that.. It's only words, not real actions.. None of them is doing something useful for the people of Tibet.. Words come out, wind blows them away, but the situation in Tibet is the same.. Even more! "Free Tibet" today is a very popular brand in hands of Western politics, and as far as I can see, it has less to do with human rights in Tibet and more with the traditional anti-China (or anti-communist) political games of the West.. They already destroyed once powerful Soviets, and their aim now is China.. Nothing new.. The same old game played by the same "democratic" hands..

But what's interesting! All these people who fight for free Tibet and speak of the rights of every nation for freedom.. Why don't they in the same way fight for the freedom of Iraqi people, for example?.. No, really!! What's the difference between Iraqi and Tibetan people, who are both suffering from tyranny?.. Being asked so, one of those freetibeters said the following: "It is erroneous and misleading to conflate other situations with the situation in occupied Tibet"..

I wonder why?!

For me the situation with Iraq and Tibet is the same: violation of human rights for freedom!.. First of all, we are humans.. And only then Iraqis and Tibetans and all others.. But no one care about Iraq!! Of course!! Because the State found the way to justify its tyrannic actions: national security of their own nation and bla bla bla.. And hand in hand with mass media they brainwash people and soon enough people can't see beyond the things anymore.. And you know what? I'm sure, if mass media will keep saying that it is healthy to eat dog shit, they will eventually make salads and other dishes out of it..

So why Free Tibet and not Free Iraq?.. Is it because Free Tibet is trendy? Is it because it's cool to be a freetibeter? Or the problem is deeper?..

31 July 2010

about the last day..

So, our last day in the program.. Tonight we'll have our graduation party and that's it!
Well, not really! Two more weeks in Taiwan in the head monastery of Fo Guang Shan.. But I don't count that! I will be busy exploring the Taiwanese culture, I guess.. and people..

So, I can say that from tomorrow I am free again.. Just as a bird in that well-known Beatles song.. By the end of the program I once more realized that I hate to be clung to any type of religious organization and that it doesn't give me anything, except suffering..

So! Once I am out, I will free all my desires! Yeah, There is this thing - spiritual cultivation.. True.. haha! But I wanna be human! I hell don't want any Heavens and Western Pure Lands! I love the Earth! I was born here, this is my planet, I wanna reborn here billions of times to make my home better!! You wanna call it a Bodhisattva path?.. Go ahead! I don't care! I call it a human path!! I path of the Earth's son!

I go pagan?! Sure! Taoist? Yeah!!! Devotee of Lord Krishna! Hare Krishna!!! Hare Rama! You want me to follow Christ or Mohammad? That's really nice of you! I will! But just as long as the pure teachings are not mixed with some shit, mostly made of money and power.. Fuck that! Really!..

Let us be free! Let us protect out Home! And let us take care of each other! Only then we will have the so much desired Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, so much desired Pure Land..I'm a Rainbow Kid! or warrior?..

And yes, hell, I love sex, drugs and rock'n'roll! That's my Dharma!

17 July 2010

about Truth..

We quite often say that there's a Universal Truth.. That all religions in the end speak about the truth, which is universal.. it's true for everyone.. For example, killing is bad, love is good, etc.
But what is that Universal Truth if not an illusion?.. There is no truth that always existed.. All religions, and the Truth itself are a pure invention of the humankind.. It's just the development of the consciousness and the society brought us to the conclusion that it is bad to kill other people.. ot it is good to help or to love other people.. And we developed wonderful conceptions of heaven and hell in our religions to enable ourselves to control people.. Saying that there is a Heaven with all its pleausers we are motivating people to act in a way which benefits the society.. And then describing the Hell, we show what kind of sufferings are waiting the one who does not act in a way that benefits that same society, thus forcing them to act in a way which benefits the society.. Incredible! Such a deep understanding of a human psychology..

We invent terminology, conceptions, phenomena, create innumerable illusions all around us and then brainwash ourselves to the highest level, when the illusion becomes truth in which we do believe.. But illusions, and the Truth will disapear at the exact moment of the end of the humans..
No humans on the Earth - no religion, no love, no compassion, no hatred, nor anger nor greed.. All these phenomena come from our mind.. Our mind is the only source of this illusion..
Destroy the whole humanity.. And no Truth will exist..

Perhaps, there are Universal Laws.. And everything in our world works according that law.. I don't know.. But the Buddhist conception of causes and effects seemes to be one of that universal laws.. If we take a deeper look into the world around us we can see that all phenomena arise from causes and conditions.. And just because they arise from a cause and conditions, they are doomed to "die" one day..

Everything, indeed, is illusion!!

09 July 2010

about rebirth..

9 July 2010
If there's no self, no soul, then what is it that takes part in the process of rebirth?.. In Hinduism, for example, it's very easy.. There's a soul, which is transmigrating from one body to another, from one life to another.. Thus, we have a reincarnation.. While in Buddhism, due to the abcense of the the soul, there's also no reincarnation.. There is rebirth, there is transmigration, but it is not a reincarnation.. Means, it's not the same soul that takes different births..

Then what is it that transmigrates?.. Buddha himself didn't say much about that.. But after Buddha's parinirvana, there was a concept of 8 consciousnesses developed, stating that the 8th consciousness is the one that is transmigrating from one life to another..

So, will it be correct to say that that 8th consciousness is the self, which is moving in the cycle of death and birth.. During the discussion at one of our classes, we came to the conclusion (and I pretty much agree with that), that the word "self" is not the correct word to be used here..

06 July 2010

about Bodhisattvas..

6 July 2010

Bodhisattva is an enlightened being.. A being who realized the Dharma and is able to become a Buddha, but sacrified the Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings.. For example, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.. He made a vow not to become a Buddha as long as there are beings suffering in hell.. He made a vow to liberate them..

There's a ceremony of taking the Bodhisattva precepts in Chan..
Taking the Bodhisattva precepts doesn't mean at all that one becomes a Bodhisattva.. Taking the precepts is more like a following the path of a Bodhisattva.. with a hope to become a bodhisattva in one of the next lives..

Following the path of a bodhisattva means to help sentient beings when the help is needed.. Thus, one must develope a compassion of a very high level, when one sees helping others as the only meaning of one's life.. But one must be careful in his thoughts.. Of course, by helping others one gains merits.. Doing good, one accumulates good karma.. But when bodhisattva is thinking about merits while helping, he accumulates a bad karma.. Bodhisattva who is thinking that he is helping others is not a bodhisattva.. Helping others, bodhisattva must have no intentions.. Help not for gaining merits for yourself, but help because of willing to help.. Thus, bodhisattva is also being without any attachments to self..

There are certain rules that one must follow by taking the bodhisattva precepts.. To follow the rules or not, one decides for himself.. No one is going to punish for the breaking the rules.. By breaking the rules or following them one accumulates bad or good karma for himself only..

It is very similar to bhakti practice in Hinduism.. Serving others as a meaning of life.. Serving others without any expectations for yourself.. Serving because of willing to serve..

Pure devotion..
Pure love..

Isn't it?..